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RIZONA HIGHWAYS MAGAZINE  November 2014 Issue featured a full two page article:

.After being vacant for nearly 60 years, ......A Phoenix contractor set out to do what no one said could be done.."  
"What a great job you have done with the house!  You did a fantastic job doing something that I thought couldn't be done!  It's great to see 'The John Riordan House' live on.  Thanks."  
Neil Riordan, son of John Riordan

See 109 other unedited reviews from guests who have stayed in the John Riordan House from the website:  

See 157 other unedited reviews from guests who have stayed at the John Riordan House from the website:

The John Riordan House restoration was very impressive for many reasons.  The structural knowledge to dig out 60 years of 12' mud in and around the house while removing the entire floor, and yet still keeping the house intact on stilts, is mind boggling.  The saving and restoration of matching materials, of period-specific details, make it historically, authentically accurate.  The furnishings and decorating complete it by making one feel [as though] they just stepped back 116 years in time.  This house is a tribute to the original restoration builders who keep the architectural and historical integrity of Jerome alive for all of us to enjoy."  -                                        - Bill Jensen,
           former Town of Jerome Historic Preservation Officer                       
"After living in Jerome for over 33 years and being involved in the construction of many restoration projects, never have I seen a building that was so far destroyed by a mudslide saved and so accurately reconstructed."  -- Anonymous

"The recently renovated John Riordan House, an 1898 home built for the mining executives, is the star of the 49th Annual Jerome Home Tour'"
                    - The  Arizona Republic     May 10th, 2014
                    - AZCENTRAL.COM     May 9th, 2014

"The John Riordan House was such a wonderful place to stay in.
The smallest details were so interesting: like the typewrite, and the calligraphy pens, along with the wood burning stove. The view from the deck was so amazing and the tree swing overlooking the town of Jerome, as well as, the Verde Valley was another big reason why I loved the house so much.  I loved it so much that I wrote a speech, along with a Power Point presentation on the house to my 6th grade class!  I can't believe how good the house looked even after a monster mudslide. It was so fascinating to be able to stay in a house with so much history.  I wouldn't have changed a thing. FANTASTIC JOB.

                          Brystal T.  age 12

"One confirmed gem (of the Home Tour) is The John Riordan House, high up on Magnolia on Company Hill.

"My dream home, an unrequited love affair."
           by Michelle Guss  May 19, 2014

"The longest running home tour in Arizona boasts never before seen Historic and Significant homes in this Guided tour through the mile high town’s back streets.   The John Riordan House"
                             -Jerome Chamber of Commerce

"We support the revitalization of historic homes in Jerome. The John Riordan house on Society Hill is a  fine example of the authentic reconstruction and historic detail that helps preserve our town's unique heritage."   
                     - Jerome Historical Society

"Radio - Rosie On The House  KTAR Phoenix

May 17, 2014 - Listen to the May 17, 2014 home improvement radio show for Rosie ... Visit The John Riordan House in Jerome, an Arizona Staycation Partner."

"The John Riordan House has been brought back to a new level of charm and perfection, right down to the period furniture, kitchen and delightful outdoor spaces."
         April 5th, 2014
"The John Riordan Home is a testament to persistent creativity or insanity and it would be hard to decide which.
After 59 years the remains of the home was purchased and lovingly restored to the beautiful vacation rental home that it is today."
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"The John Riordan House, high up on Magnolia on Company Hill has never been on (the Jerome Home) tour. The Riordan Home has been totally renovated by a Phoenix contractor ... The home was buried in dirt for decades after a culvert ruptured behind the home and delivered tons of dirt into the back rooms." 

"I have visited the John Riordan house on 4 different occasions, and each one was a wonderful experience. There are so many things to do in Jerome, and the John Riordan house is the perfect place to return to after a day of shopping, experiencing Jerome nightlife, or just hiking around and enjoying the view. The house is warm, inviting, and beautifully decorated down to the last historical detail. I was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough for my two boys to do, but they played endlessly with the typewriter, photo viewer, binoculars, record player and tree swing. They keep asking when we are going back! I have spent hours on the patio watching the sunrise, the sunset, and everything in between. The view is absolutely spectacular! We can't wait to return!                    A. Crislip

"I recently had the good fortune of staying at the John Riordan House.  This home offers the best view in Jerome.  Location was perfect.  We walked to wine tastings.  The home is filled with historic details that have been painstakingly restored.  This is a unique place to say the least.  The patio view is something you really need to experience to fully appreciate.  A slice of heaven!"  -- D. Place

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